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INKREDIA Luwan of Brida by Sarang Mahajan - Inkredia Luwan of Brida by Sarang Mahajan - Fantasy Novel
sarang mahajan inkredia Luwan of Brida

Luwan of Brida

“Danger looms tall. Mystery runs deep.”

INKREDIA Luwan of Brida by Sarang Mahajan | Fantasy Novel
Inkredia Luwan of Brida

Luwan of Brida

Inkredia is a land where humans and nonhumans live together in balance, but without ever facing each other, unless… they must. When seventeen-year-old Luwan finds himself in a grave danger, he has to make a daring choice. The village that kept him safe all these years can’t protect him anymore. Either he can stay and die or he can enter the dangerous world outside and make journey to a city that will keep him and his sister safe. But there is a good chance that this journey itself will kill him. He sets out, but only to find that his peril is far greater than his calculations. He heads into a mysterious new enemy, a band of legendary assassins that are usually sent to bring down men of great power.

Luwan is clueless why they are after his head, but they don’t offer him the luxury to find an answer to that question. He’s thrown into a relentless run across a great distance. And, as he travels, he learns about fascinating places in Inkredia, about powerful relics and artifacts and… about the dark side of Inkredia. He faces the great force of Ilmor that gives birth to incredible nonhumans. What is the force of Ilmor? Can Luwan protect his sister against such powerful enemies? Will he find answers to all the mysteries? Order your copy to find all the answers.

Reader Reviews

Aditya Kothari

I brought Luvan of brida a few days ago.
I liked the book a lot, and after I read it, I searched on the net for the next book.
I was really sad to know there weren’t any, so that fueled me to write this to you:
Can i know when the next book launches?
I am a Indian fan, and I have read all those books in the fantasy genre (including Rick Riordon, etc)
And I love your book.

Soni Achuthan

Incredible Inkredia. A spectacular book. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lakshmi Rekha

I am Dr. Rekha from Bangalore. I have read your book “Luwan of Brida” not less than ten times. I am one of those fans of your writing who is eagerly awaiting the release of its sequel!!!
Congratulations on a wonderfully written book that captures the reader’s utmost imagination.

Nitin Ramesh

Hello Mr. Sarang my name is Nitin a student studying in 11th grade in India. I recently just read one of your novels the “Luwan of Brida” which was amazing and very much interesting. The novel was so interesting that I could not stop reading it and that I finished it in a day without even taking a break! I just wanted to send you this mail to congratulate you for writing such a creative and adventurous book.

K. Ravindran

Dear Sarang Mahajan.
I am a Sixty year old serious academician. I discovered your book, Luwan of Brida, for the first time from Vishnu – a ten year old kid. He was reading it intensely and I noticed that he couldn’t not keep it aside. I was curious to find what was so absorbing in that book for a ten year old kid. When he finished it I borrowed it from him and started reading it. He asked me whether I too am ‘hooked on’ to it? I must say it hooked me too. I could not put your book down till I completed it. ( I am 60 years old) You have made it. You could create something that hooks a ten year old as well as 60 year old. Your work is a gripping well written thriller.

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