sarang mahajan inkredia Luwan of Brida


Inkredia, as fondly called by its people, is a powerful empire. The real name of this empire is Fal Doram. There are many other empires spread across the Floran Bak, the shape of which is debated by the scholars.

In the Inkredia Universe, magic is literally in the air. There are dark and fair elements in the air that give life to the supernatural sort, just like air gives life to humans. Two of the most common elements among these are Ilmor and Esilmor, the dark one and the fair one. Supernatural beings in humanoid form are either called nonhumans or demons. There are also various creatures with different abilities. All the supernatural folk in Inkredia are unique to Inkredia Universe and won’t be found in other fantasy universes.

Despite of all the nonhumans and fantastic creatures, it’s the humans of Inkredia that form the stories the universe has to tell. To find out more about the Inkredia Universe, secure your copy of the first book, Inkredia: Luwan of Brida.

Inkredia Universe